About us

About us - MoneyOne

MoneyOne® is a wholly owned subsidiary of Oasis Asset Management Limited. Consisting of MoneyOne® Office and MoneyOne® Online, together they streamline back office administration and provide a secure online website with share trading, account set up, electronic transacting and easy-to-retrieve product, investment and transaction information.

MoneyOne® Office allows you to:

  • Set up new investors and create new account applications
  • Perform switching of managed investments, including bulk switching
  • Create and maintain model portfolios
  • Rebalance your clients' portfolios back to a model portfolio or investment allocation
  • Run the preformatted client reports, for both single and multiple clients
  • Track and respond to outstanding requests in the Oasis workflow system
  • Bulk review letter mail-out
  • Obtain archived reports, member and investor statements as well as other generated documents via the document
  • archive functionality
  • Generate Statement of Advice based on dealer templates
  • Create OnePath Group Insurance quotes

MoneyOne® Online allows you to:

  • Download the latest application forms, product disclosure statements, independent research documents and other product-related documentation
  • View your clients’ funds under management and investment holdings
  • Calculate your clients’ tax position – providing a transparent view on the tax collection process Generate online reports and provide up-to-date account information to clients
  • Transaction reporting – cash and investments
  • Performance reporting
  • View investor regular facilities
  • Access online share trading