Dealers - MoneyOne

Full brand ownership for dealer groups

MoneyOne® is provided free of charge to dealers and advisers on the Oasis platform.

Fully customised and sub-branded to dealer groups, dealers can view adviser details, fund performance analyses and print online reports. They can also manage business and access information to help monitor inflows and commissions for their advisers.

The site provides online demonstrations, online training, along with occasional news updates about MoneyOne®. Significant investment in platform enhancements ensures ‘best of breed’ functionality and service.

MoneyOne® Office key features

  • Efficient document management whereby documents can be associated with clients and shared electronically throughout the office
  • A daily update on outstanding follow up items from Oasis
  • Easy generation of FSR-compliant statements of advice and records of advice
  • A segmented client database and individual fact finder
  • 24/7 access to reports, automated reviews and mail-outs, including the investment portfolio review, member statements, consolidated net wealth reports, and a batch reporting facility to download various Oasis reports for multiple clients
  • Electronic transactions for switches and rebalances
  • Easy to implement model portfolios.

MoneyOne® Online key features

  • Latest application forms, product disclosure statements, independent research documents and other product-related documentation
  • Access to reporting on clients’ funds under management
  • Access to reporting on a client's direct shares and cash management trust details
  • Access to reporting on clients’ tax position – providing a transparent view on the tax collection process
  • Online reports and forms
  • Access to follow up systems to interact with Oasis
  • Access to the same screens that clients view - allowing faster issue resolution.